You Asked…..I Answered.

Andrea asks: What’s the best brow shape now? And how can I get it? I want my brows to be thicker but when I let mine grow they look bushy and unkempt. What’s the right new shape and how do I do it?

Nathan answers: Lush, thick brows are back in fashion, but there is a fine line between full and frightening. As your brows grow in, use your natural arch as a guide and pluck the messy strays that fall too far out from the line. A thicker brow should still maintain an arch (which frames the face and gives lift to the eye area), it should only be fuller than you might be accustomed to. Here’s the problem, often times when a woman lets her brows grow in after years of over waxing or plucking, they come back sparse and uneven. Sometimes none of the old grow in at all and the ones that are there just grow long and wild, like a fairy tale wizard (those are the frightening ones I spoke of). To solve that, comb your brows upward with a spoolie brush and use a small pair of scissors to trim the tips (be sure to get all the of the ones that rival the length of the hair on your head). Then brush your brows up into a fuller shape using Beauty Society Brow Doctor. The gel is strong enough to help you train the hairs to hold the new shape and its proven conditioning ingredients (peptides, amino acids, and a few other scientifically driven natural ingredients) stimulate dormant follicles and guarantee the growth of hairs that you thought were gone forever. The best way to get the look of beautiful, full brows is to grow them. Visit to learn more about the product.

Pamela asks: Everyone is always talking about bring a spring or a summer, a warm or a cool. What does all that mean and is it really important to me?

Nathan answers: All of those descriptions refer to one thing, your undertone. Every person, regardless of their ethnicity has a certain underlying hue to their skin, pink or yellow mainly. Knowing which one you are will make choosing make-up very simple for you. The best advice I can give you is to skip the seasonal descriptions. Things will be much easier if you stick to three things, warm, cool and neutral.

My pals at Three Custom Color really break it down best.

You are most likely cool if …

1) you have a pink or bluish cast to your skin (especially in cold weather).

2) You have more blue than green veins on your inner wrist.

3) You burn easily or turn pink/red in the sun.

You are most likely warm if…

1) You have a yellow or greenish cast or chocolate toned skin.

2) You have more green veins than blue on your inner wrist.

3) You tan easily in the sun.

For the few of you out there that happen to be neutral, an equal blend of the pink and yellow…the world is your oyster.

Tip 1: Your foundation should always match your undertone. If you are warm, for goodness sake find a warm foundation. When you choose the wrong undertone, you will look terrible, trust me. Often women think they cannot wear foundation but the fact is, they just choose the wrong shade. Pick the color you are, not the one you want to be. I’d advise you to rely on a professional if you can not discern your undertone on your own.

Tip 2: If you are warm toned, warm shadows, blushes and lipsticks will look most natural on you, whereas Cool shades will really pop. If you are cool, the reverse is true.

Tip 3: Visit to find shades made for your undertone. Ask for Trae or Chad, you’ll love them and their product.

Keep your questions coming….I Love them.

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